9 Videos Every Business Needs to Stay Current

Video marketing can be overwhelming. Especially for small business owners. It’s where to start that’s difficult for most. It’s akin to remodeling your house or beginning a fitness journey. If you don’t know how to get going, you can feel intimidated and often avoid getting started altogether, right? Having a plan and knowing how to…

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Perfection Stinks! Authentic Sells!

Perfectionism…it’s a thing! We get it. We have several recovering perfectionists on our team (I may or may not be one of them, lol!) But here’s the thing…when your goal is to make genuine connections with your current and prospective clients, perfection isn’t what matters most.  It doesn’t matter if you say “um” a few…

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Automated Video Testimonials are Here

PRESS RELEASE: Easy Capture Media to help small businesses with DIY automated video testimonials

Easy Capture Media, an Arizona based company, is launching to help small business owners begin adding video testimonials into their current reputation management plan “the easy way”. Easy Capture Media has created a “one-stop-shop” video marketing tool making it simple, quick and cost-effective for any business to collect and share video testimonials on YouTube, their…

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