phones with recording
phones with recording
Build Trust with your customers!
Professional Videos without the stress!
Video that PERFORMS in a way no other marketing can!

Video Consumption is up 100% from last year.
Your Customers are Looking for VIDEO!

We guide you through the process start to finish. No need for researching topics, prepping yourself for the camera, and wasting hours of your time.

We give you the tools, tips, and tricks to look professional and EASILY build trust with your consumers!

You can create PROFESSIONAL videos that PERFORM in under 10 minutes!

Easy Capture Media is on a mission to flip the script on traditional video marketing. If you have a smart phone and a smile, you've got all you need.

You don't need a Video Marketing Team, You've got US!

RISK FREE - Try before you buy!

We like free just as much as the next guy! We will never charge you for an Easy Capture Media Account! Browse around, send a request for video testimonial to a friend, and even record a personal brand video. See what the finished product will look and sound like…all for FREE! You don’t pay a dime until you decide you’re ready to share your video with the world.

Builds Trust

Whether you're producing Video Testimonials, or an Office Tour, you can build a relationship before you ever say hello.

Video is now as as...

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

2 Minute Video Prep

Genuine videos are what engages consumers. Just be you! You've built a successful business based on your beliefs and your hard work. Let that show in your video! Be professional, but be friendly. 

Here's a Tip: Laugh at a funny joke, or smile at a heartwarming photo before your video. It helps you stay calm, and conveys your care for your customers

Woman using the Easy Capture Media platform
Build Trust, Be Yourself.

Record Your Video

From a heartfelt message about your company's values, to a quick 90 second showcase of how you improve your community, recording video is easy. Our Easy Capture Media system automatically adds a logo, catchy background music, and a call to action at the end!

Pro Tip: During your prep time above, think about a video you've seen in the last week. What really engaged you throughout the whole video?

Now get your video to perform!

Easy Capture does the rest!

Easy Capture helps you take your masterpiece, and get it to work. From uploading to YouTube, to embedding on your site, there are countless applications for your Video. Optimizing it is essential for performance!

Helpful Tip: You don't even need to be in front of the camera! An office walkthrough, or showing your customers how their work gets done goes a long way to building trust!

Reviewing video on the Easy Capture Media platform

Video Consumption has Risen 100% from last year

Get ahead of your competition quickly and easily.
Professional Video is only 10 minutes away.

Easy Capture Media

Quality Video Marketing for EVERY BUSINESS

As a business owner, you need to grow. Video Marketing gives you an edge over your competitors that just aren't doing enough.

Easy Capture Media is more than a team of experts to help you grow. We invest in our clients because they, in turn, invest in their communities.

"Helping our clients succeed allows me to help hundreds of people. When my clients grow and improve their communities, those communities in turn grow and help others."
- Vincent Baron | Easy Capture Media


Dental Practice

Video Testimonials, Office Tours, Patient Follow ups, and Heartfelt Video's about your desire to provide the best dentistry in town. These are just a few examples of videos that you can create in under 10 minutes that will build trust.


Cosmetic Office

From Video Testimonials, to F.A.Q.'s on your most popular procedure, these video's help alleviate the anxiety and concerns of your patients, and help build trust faster. Keep your patients up to date on new machines, treatment options, and why you're the best med spa in town!


Home Services

When it comes to home services, trust is everything. A simple video email from you to one of your clients can take 5 minutes of your time, but will mean the world to your client. You are building trust and showing that you care. You can also showcase Before and After's on your jobs!


Real Estate

Build trust and answer F.A.Q.'s in MINUTES. For Real Estate, you are helping some of your clients choose the home for the rest of their lives. Easy walkthrough's of each room, and a reassuring smile can be the difference between closing your client, or losing them.


your business

From Automotive Repair, to Restaurants and Mom and Pop shops, we can build a Video Marketing game plan that will get you ahead of your competition, and KEEP YOU THERE. 

Your audience wants more!


of people say videos create good feelings about a business and are helpful in their decision process.


of people prefer to learn about a new product or service by watching a short video.


of people on the internet will consume more mobile video this year than they did last year.


of people will click below to get more statistics about video marketing.

Which is more


I love the Fun Café. I just ate there, and the food is amazing. I just went for coffee, but I recommend the loaded tater tots; really good. They have like a cool kickback area with big beanbag chairs and sofas, and you can grab a snack and just chill. And a pretty good selection of magazines and books. You can chill and read or whatever. It’s kind of like Red Robin meets Barnes and Noble. They have a game area where you can meet with friends and have a game night without having to cook. I really like it. Cool vibe. The people that work here are really cool and it seems like a good place to meet people. I definitely recommend the Fun Café!


We've developed our software to be as simple and straightforward as possible. You don't need to spend hours learning the in's and out's, you just need 10 minutes and a smile. 

In under 10 minutes, you will have a professionally produced video that will WOW your clients, and help build trust in your brand, and your business.

No film crew, actors, or editor needed.

Powerful video produced in no time.
Don't know what to create?
We've got you covered.

Did we mention: We have video marketing tips and guides that will give you a competitive edge in your video marketing, as well as fun ideas for your next video!

No Hidden Cost, Great ROI's

Our platform is designed to be simple, yet powerful. Quiet, yet BOLD. From our custom video marketing gameplan's, to our tips and tricks, you will be a video marketing MASTER in no time! 

No Limits, on your videos or your goals

Easy Capture PLUS Unlimited

Easy Capture PLUS Unlimited is BY FAR our most popular, and most effective plan. No worrying about video credits, or selecting the right video. Our team helps you create amazing, customer friendly video's right off the bat.

With this plan, you can create as many video's as you want, whenever you want! No Contracts, no small text. Simple and straightforward service with care and compassion.

One Off Video Marketing

Easy Capture Video Credits

Sometimes you have to try before you buy. We respect that and encourage it. We are so confident that you'll love the simplicity, and our customer service team, we know you'll be back!

Our Easy Capture PLUS Unlimited plan offers more bells and whistles, but the Video Credit system still allows you to create powerful videos in under 10 minutes. The quality of our services and our team will NEVER change. Give us a try!

Including a video on your website can increase performance by more than 80%.

Ready to put some POWER into your Marketing?

Our team is standing by to answer your questions, walk you through a demo of the platform, and make sure that you have complete confidence BEFORE you ever pull out your wallet. 

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