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Perfection Stinks! Authentic Sells!

Perfectionism…it’s a thing! We get it.

We have several recovering perfectionists on our team (I may or may not be one of them, lol!)

But here’s the thing…when your goal is to make genuine connections with your current and prospective clients, perfection isn’t what matters most. 

It doesn’t matter if you say “um” a few times and you don’t have to use a thesaurus to write your script. 

In the world of consumer reviews and reputation marketing, perfection isn’t in anymore.

I can prove it to you right now…

What we used to see in marketing…

The picture-perfect housewife in a spotless, clutter-free kitchen.

The impeccably dressed children obediently standing in line from oldest to youngest. (think Sound of Music for me here)

And the faultless family dog sitting patiently beside the plate of bacon.

That was yesterday!

and this is today!

The images we see in marketing today are far more akin to what our real lives actually look like.

Over the last fifty years or so consumers became less interested in seeing the unflawed and more interested in seeing marketing that reflects their reality.

They want to know their pain points are recognized and understood.

They want genuine!

Consumers want to personally identify with the imagery they see in marketing.

They want real.

And so, marketers have come to understand that in today’s harried, two working-parent, highly competitive, fast-moving, technology-driven world…

Perfection is yesterday… and authenticity is what consumers are craving today!

The desire for perfection could possibly be the number one reason business owners shy away from video marketing.

But is perfect what your client base is looking for in your videos?

Put on your consumer thinking cap for me…

Have you ever seen a Google review page that has a 4.9 rating?  That means there are a ton of 5-star reviews but not ALL are 5 stars, right?

What do you secretly go searching for? If you’re anything like me, you want to read that one 4.5 star or perhaps the one that got 2 stars, right?

Why did we seek those out? Why do we want to read the less than perfect ratings?

It’s not that we’re doubtful the five-star reviews were telling the truth.

It’s because we inherently know that “nothing is perfect all the time.” And we want to get the real, the raw, the nitty-gritty.

Because, those ratings feel more genuine, more honest, and more unquestionable. Those less than perfect ratings give you a deeper feeling of authenticity.

Same with video testimonials. No one really gives much value anymore to the polished and super-produced video testimonial. With all the magic of editing, consumers know you can make a client say just about anything.

Consumers want the real story. They want to know that this is a real person giving an accurate account of their experience with a business or product.

The magic of Easy Capture Media is just that…authenticity.

Video testimonials recorded from your happy clients on their own devices in their own cars, homes, or offices. No editing means validation as bona fide endorsement for your business.

Yes, your client may stumble a bit on their words or maybe the background has something out of place and maybe the lighting isn’t exactly perfect. All those “maybes” add up to authentic and real.
So, if you have a video testimonial that maybe isn’t exactly perfect esthetic wise, but that person spoke from the heart. Get that video testimonial and show the world how you made another person’s life better.
Let their talking shine authentically through about you!!

Sign in to your Easy Capture Media account right now. Call up your happy client and ask them to make you a video testimonial and send them a request as you have them on the phone. Authentic, and…Done!

What’s that you say? You don’t have a FREE Easy Capture Media account yet? No problem!! Here’s a handy little button to help you out…