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Can any business use Easy Capture Media?

Yes, Easy Capture Media is suited for any kind of business. Video marketing has become crucial for service-related businesses to stay competitive.

Not only do video reviews help you stay competitive, but statistics show that videos on websites have become an important part of Search Engine Optimization for platforms like Google and Bing. 

Videos help build brand trust and allow the consumer to be more confident in the kind of business they are searching for.

I can’t get my customers to leave a written review, why is this any different?

Video reviews are far more convenient and far less informal than written reviews.

Oftentimes consumers have trouble conveying their emotions and satisfaction with a certain product or service in a written review. Video reviews allow the person recording to be more relaxed, engaged, and convey their emotion better.

This also allows them the opportunity to show off the product they are reviewing, which creates brand trust and gives the consumer confidence in the product or service.

Why are the brand videos only 90 seconds long?

Studies have shown that videos 2 minutes or shorter have received the most engagement and that 75% of viewers will watch a 1-2 minute video all the way through.

Brand videos being only 90 seconds gives that video the best chance of being successful.


Is everything done online? Do you have real people available to answer my questions?

While Easy Capture Media is an easy-to-use platform and all your videos can be recorded, processed, and handled through the dashboard, we understand questions may arise and assistance may be needed.

Our team is standing by to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Opt to live chat here on our website or give us a call at 800-948-6015.

Do I need to have my customers and team members sign a video waiver?

Yes, having team members and patients sign a video waiver is highly recommended. The video waiver represents an authorization granted from one party to another. Failing to get a waiver signed can expose you to future civil claims and can mean that an otherwise ready video must be pulled from the internet and your marketing.

Need a waiver? Let your Easy Capture Media Representative know and they will provide you with one to use as a starting point. 


How much customization can we do?

At the moment, clients are able to customize the templates we have provided. Clients can customize their responses to certain questions, change the wording of how they prompt new questions, and exclude certain questions that they don’t want to include in a given template. Additional features are constantly being developed to allow for further customization.

Can I receive a text notification?

Yes. All we need is a phone number and we can set it up.

Can I customize the bot to my brand?

Yes, on the customize chatbot section on the backend dashboard, you can customize the bot. It only takes a few minutes and our team is willing to help if there are any questions!

How do you handle customers who come across as confused?

With any AI, conversations aren’t going to be perfect. Our AI is constantly learning and able to answer new questions every week. Fortunately, we do allow our customers to jump into the chat at any time if a question is asked that our bot might not understand. Notifications can be configured for when this happens.

Why is ECM chatbot better than livechat?

The ECM is fully automated. This means that you don’t have to worry about a company managing the chat for you or you don’t have to pay someone to do it. This saves a lot of money. We also see extremely high chat completion rates because of the automation. When someone starts a chat, they end up completing it 85-95% of the time! When you compare this to the 20-30% completion rates of live chat, it’s a no brainer to use ECM Chat.

How does the bot work on texting?

We have the ability to text enable any phone number so your automated chat conversation can engage customers through text. We still give all of the same features on your account so you still have the ability to jump in and text your customers directly through your affordable image chat account.

How about Facebook Messenger?

Adding the ECM chat to your Facebook page is simple and can be done by logging in and authorizing our bot to engage on your Facebook messenger page.

And what about desktop notifications?

When a chat starts, you can enable desktop notifications so you have the opportunity to jump into the conversation. We recently have added sound notifications as well so you can enable a sound bite to play every time a chat starts as well.

How does the tracking work?

We have tracking integrations with google goal tracking, and google tag manager. We also provide our own internal tracking directly through your dashboard. On your dashboard, you will be able to see how many chats were started vs. completed, # of reviews, # of call clicks, source of the chat origination (i.E. Google, facebook, bing), and also utm urls if you want to track back to specific campaigns or buttons.

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