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Can any business use Easy Capture Media?

Yes, Easy Capture Media is suited for any kind of business. Video marketing has become crucial for service-related businesses to stay competitive.

Not only do video reviews help you stay competitive, but statistics show that videos on websites have become an important part of Search Engine Optimization for platforms like Google and Bing. 

Videos help build brand trust and allow the consumer to be more confident in the kind of business they are searching for.

I can’t get my customers to leave a written review, why is this any different?

Video reviews are far more convenient and far less informal than written reviews.

Oftentimes consumers have trouble conveying their emotions and satisfaction with a certain product or service in a written review. Video reviews allow the person recording to be more relaxed, engaged, and convey their emotion better.

This also allows them the opportunity to show off the product they are reviewing, which creates brand trust and gives the consumer confidence in the product or service.

Why are the brand videos only 90 seconds long?

Studies have shown that videos 2 minutes or shorter have received the most engagement and that 75% of viewers will watch a 1-2 minute video all the way through.

Brand videos being only 90 seconds gives that video the best chance of being successful.


Is everything done online? Do you have real people available to answer my questions?

While Easy Capture Media is an easy-to-use platform and all your videos can be recorded, processed, and handled through the dashboard, we understand questions may arise and assistance may be needed.

Our team is standing by to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Opt to live chat here on our website or give us a call at 800-948-6015.

Do I need to have my customers and team members sign a video waiver?

Yes, having team members and patients sign a video waiver is highly recommended. The video waiver represents an authorization granted from one party to another. Failing to get a waiver signed can expose you to future civil claims and can mean that an otherwise ready video must be pulled from the internet and your marketing.

Need a waiver? Let your Easy Capture Media Representative know and they will provide you with one to use as a starting point. 


Is this chatbot HIPAA Compliant?

Yes! Our chatbot is 100% HIPAA compliant from our servers, to how your team can review the chats. Some of the steps we’ve taken include a unique pin for each of your front desk staff to ensure that all communication and response review is HIPAA compliant.

Will this chatbot slow down my website?

Not at all! We developed this chatbot with SEO in mind. Our code is extremely lightweight and designed to mitigate any impact on your websites performance or page speed.

Is this chatbot mobile friendly?

Our chatbot is mobile friendly. With most website traffic nowadays occurring on mobile devices and tablets, our team knew that the chatbot has to perform perfectly on both desktop and mobile devices

Do I need to hire customer service reps to monitor this bot?

Not at all! We do have a live chat feature, however, 99% of our clients prefer the automated chat flow. This allows you to have a 24/7 resource for your website visitors and clients to reach out and address any questions, or concerns. Our chat flows are written by humans, for humans and designed to provide the best customer experience possible.

Is a chatbot really worth it for my website?

Customers have a much higher chance of interacting with a chatbot on your site than they do for submitting a contact form. In the current needs of the market, most customers want a personalized experience with your brand. A branded, user-friendly chatbot is a perfect way to provide a unique, professional experience for your website visitors without adding more work or stress for you or your team. If you are serious about digital marketing, or invest in SEO, you want to be able to maximize the return on your investment.

Can I use this chatbot on a landing page?

Our chatbot is compatible with the majority of websites and landing pages. Please give us a call to ensure that your landing page platform or website is compatible.

Do I have to install the code on my website?

We can install the code for you! We will need administrative access to your website in order to install your code, or we can provide you with the code and instructions on how to easily add your chatbot to your website or landing page platform.

Can I add video to my chatbot?

We encourage all clients to add video to your chatbot. We have made the process as simple as uploading your videos to YouTube, and then we can embed it in the chatbot. Most clients include a set of team introduction videos, product description videos, and welcome videos for their business. Incorporating video to your chatbot is as easy as can be!

Can I get notifications on my phone?

We can set up text-based notifications for completed chats. All we need is a mobile phone number to set it up in our system!

Can I customize the bot?

You can customize the chat bot, however we recommend using our chat flow for at least 4 weeks to see how it performs on your website. We have analyzed thousands of chats and developed a chat flow that is specifically designed to capture leads easily, while providing a friendly, professional customer service experience for your website visitors.

How does the bot handle questions it’s not programmed to answer?

When it comes to chatbots, no bot will be perfect. We have built a chat flow that minimizes any chances of confusion, however if there is an issue we always direct the visitor to contact your customer service team, and capture the lead information to allow your team to quickly respond to that person’s concerns.

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