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9 Videos Every Business Needs to Stay Current

Video marketing can be overwhelming.

Especially for small business owners. It’s where to start that’s difficult for most. It’s akin to remodeling your house or beginning a fitness journey. If you don’t know how to get going, you can feel intimidated and often avoid getting started altogether, right?

Having a plan and knowing how to get started is half the battle. Good news…we’re here to help! 

Like a contractor or personal trainer, we’ve got a plan to get you started with nine types of video you need for meaningful video content and stay current in the marketing world.

Are you still unsure you need video content?

We talk to small business owners every day who are questioning if they really need to be creating video content. Our answer is a resounding, “Yes! Yes, you do!”

Why? Because Sam Walton said so.

Ok, when we know that when Sam Walton said, “The secret to successful retailing, is to give the customer what they want,” he wasn’t speaking about video marketing.

But every business owner knows he’s right.

Consumer desire is the driving force behind every growth strategy.

Simple, but true. And statistics prove there’s no doubt consumers today are craving more and more video content from businesses of any size.

MarketingCharts, a leading source for marketing data said recently,

“…The global forecast estimates that the average person will watch 84 minutes (daily) of online video this year. This is up from an estimated average of 67 minutes spent per day in 2018… Zenith reports that between 2013 and 2018 online video viewing grew at an average rate of 32% per year.”

Story Marketing

The buzz in the marketing world is all about stories. As consumers are being flooded with more text-based content than they can consume, they are craving what hits them at a deeper emotional level.

They want to go beyond knowing about your business, they want to feel your brand.


Story style marketing elicits emotion. And what better tool to build your brand awareness and tell your unique story than video?

Because it’s visual, emotional, and memorable video allows you to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Video builds trust, educates, and persuades in 90 seconds better than in written form.

Back to the plan.

Just like any other marketing adventure, you do need a strategy. Especially if you’re a little intimidated by video marketing.

So here you go… as we promised.

We’ve got nine, simple but powerful videos you can create to launch your video marketing strategy now and enhance your brand story.

ONE – Brief Introduction/Welcome Video

Give your potential customers a sneak-peak into your company culture. Introduce yourself and your team. Tell them why you have a passion for the service you provide.

Speak about why you exist. Tell people what you stand for and what makes you unique in the marketplace.

Have some fun! Be yourself. Let them get to know you and your business story.

This matters because… You’re allowing your potential customer to experience the person or people behind the service or product.

TWO – Explainer Video

Help your prospective customer in their discovery process as they evaluate if your business is a good fit for them.

Record a one-minute video about the full menu of services you have to offer.  Help them understand why they need to do business with you. Answer their question “what’s in it for me?”.

Think like your customer. What would you want to know if you were looking for your business?

Be engaging. Remember your goal is to connect with your audience on an emotional level.

This matters because… You’re allowing your potential customers to understand the full scope of services you provide. You’re communicating that you understand what matters to them and that they can trust you to deliver what they’re looking for.

THREE – Thought Leadership Video

This video can be recorded by you the business owner or by a key person on your team. Pick a topic that is highly searched by your potential customer; a pain point.

Establish yourself and/or your team as an expert in your field. Educate your audience, build trust, and make a connection with your viewer by being authentic. Don’t talk down to them but present your expertise helpfully and conversationally.

This matters because… You’re letting your potential customers get a glimpse of the help you have to offer them. You are conveying that you are happy to help them with their concerns and building a foundation of trust.

FOUR – How-To Video

What do you teach your customers to do most often when they are face-to-face with you? That’s your topic for this video.

Like the thought leadership video, you are predicting their question and ‘need to know.’ We all know that Google runs on questions, create a video that answers their burning how-to question.

This matters because… You’re helping your potential customers move further along in their buying journey. And by helping them learn how to solve a common problem your further establishing trust.

P.S. Since search engines run on question fuel, how-to videos help you show up in search results when those questions are asked.

FIVE – FAQ Video

What question do you commonly come across? The FAQ video differs from a how-to in that you’re not teaching them to do something, your answering a question from their perspective. Think about your potential customers asking, “do you offer?” or “can you help me with?” Answer one of those questions.

We do recommend this be recorded by the business owner but it’s more important that you create the video than who is the person on the screen.

This matters because… By answering their question before they ask it, you’re letting them know you truly understand what they need to know. You make it that much easier for them to decide to do business with you.

SIX  – Office Tour Video

Compliment the pictures of your office you most likely have on your website with a video tour.

Give your viewers behind the scenes information such as the benefits of the technology you have in-house, how the office is designed with them in mind, or hidden highlights they will see when they come to visit.

Invite them to experience it in person and give them an idea of the ‘feelings’ they will have in your environment.

This matters because… You’re offering your potential customers a preview of their first impression. They get to hear you describe your office ambiance which adds that ‘thousand words’ (give or take 800) worth to your office pictures.

SEVEN, EIGHT, AND NINE! – Customer Endorsement Videos

Customers believe customers! There’s no disputing the power of reviews and testimonials.

Video testimonials crush written reviews every time when it comes to emotionally connecting with your potential customer.

Remember what’s current? Story style marketing.

Sharing stories from your past and current clients allows your potential customer to hear from someone just like them. Someone who has personally experienced your service and was better for it.

This matters because… Video testimonials are so powerful because they allow full-spectrum emotions to shine through which builds trust like no other medium can.

If you don’t get another video testimonial, you’re going to need these three…

A raving fan talking about how your service affected their world for the better. How you solved a problem.

A raving fan talking about what it’s like to do business with you. What is your service like?

A raving ran talking about how you made them feel.

We certainly hope you’re feeling more confident about how to get started with your video marketing plan.

Back to giving customers what they want…

84% of consumers surveyed were convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video.

Give your customers what they want! YOU CAN DO THIS!

Stay current with story-style video marketing.

Sign in to your Easy Capture Media account right now. And start recording your nine essential brand-building videos.

Call three raving fans and ask them to make you a video testimonial – send them a request as you have them on the phone.

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