HIPAA Compliant Chat Bot

Are you capturing as many leads from your website as you could be?

As technology advances and the world changes, you need to stay flexible with your marketing and customer service strategies. Chatbots are a natural patient engagement platform, providing another layer of customer service with no hassles or headaches. 

Has your practice evolved with the needs of your patients?

Chatbots are an easy, patient friendly way to provide a 24/7 communication option.

The best part is that you don’t have to hire staff to monitor the bot to see if someone is engaging with it. You have a new Digital Team Member for less than 50 cents an hour, who works every hour of every day! We have built a chat flow designed specifically for medical practices that engages your patients in an easy, friendly way and helps you provide an extra level of customer service. Most patients prefer to engage with a chatbot rather than submit a contact form on a website.

Capture New Leads with Our Chatbot

  • Provide instant responses 24/7 so you never miss a message!
  • Mobile-friendly chatbot means that your visitors can easily call, get basic info, or send you a message at any time.
  • HIPAA compliance is a serious thing, which is why our bot is 100% HIPAA compliant. No guesswork, no worries.
  • Chat completion rates are 80%-85%. This is compared to live chat completion rates around 30%-40%.
  • Incorporate video into your chatbot and engage your website visitors longer
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your SEO with our lightweight chatbot designed to engage your visitors and generate leads for your business.

How Chatbot Works

Our chatbot system is a “set it and forget it” lead generation tool. We develop your bot to provide a personal, professional response to your website visitors for common questions like “what are your hours?” or “where is your practice located?”

We can also program specific questions and responses for the bot such as a detailed, personalized response when a question asks if you offer a particular service or treatment.

All you need to do is fill out a quick and easy questionnaire and our team builds a custom chat bot that is branded and optimized to capture more leads from your website.

HIPAA? We are fully HIPAA Compliant.

Our ChatBot platform is 100% HIPAA and GDPR Compliant. We have security precautions to ensure that you are fully HIPAA compliant from our servers to the email arriving in your inbox. Your front office staff each have unique pins to view communication from your patients, so you can rest assured that you are covered from HIPAA issues.

Can I incorporate video? Of Course!

Our chatbot allows you to embed video straight from YouTube to offer a better patient experience with the bot. We can show office tours, team member intro videos, practice welcome videos and more! Video is the most consumed form of content, and significantly increases your chances of capturing leads from your chatbot and building consumer trust with your patients.

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