We are the Exclusive Provider of the Smart Dial Platform to the Dental Industry.

Smart Dial Platform

The ultimate solution to maximize opportunities with each phone call.

Callers connect with voice, text, and via online engagement all from a single phone call. The Smart Dial Platform is the only technology that can deliver a true omni-channel experience from a single call-to-action for all of the ways you communicate with your customers.

You can make your existing phone number or Toll-Free Number smarter with Smart Dial.

Drive any offline marketing to an online experience with the Smart Dial platform.

Our platform is enabled on all major U.S. Wireless carriers, allowing you to deliver a customized content experience to your entire audience. By simply connecting your phone number to our Smart Dial platform, we can deliver any mobile content experience you desire.

Callers dial your number from any mobile phone.

Whether callers that already know your number or got it from an advertising campaign, they automatically get the powerful Smart Dial experience when they call.

Calls are routed directly to your existing phone line. No special hardware or software is needed to receive Smart Dial calls.

If your business has multiple locations or service areas the Smart Dial Platform will connect callers to the office for their service area.

The call comes directly to your office AND the caller receives a text directing them to an online engagement.

Online Engagement can be used for lead capture, text messaging opt-in, store locators, video streaming, chat bots, and much more. Perhaps they are trying to buy a product, or make an appointment, or get customer service. Online Engagement provides a user experience optimized for each of these use cases.

Everything a customer does in Online Engagement is tracked back to your phone number giving you rich insight into customer usage.

You get a 24/7 customer experience, even if you can't take the call!

The Smart Dial Platform understands your business hours and can be programmed to provide unique experiences during normal business hours, lunch, at night, on weekends, or any other schedule you want to create.

With Smart Dial, you will never miss a call opportunity again without adding the burden of additional staffing.

The Smart Dial Platform offers extensive tracking reporting and can even send leads right to your CRM system. 

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Discover how this emerging technology can help you maximize your opportunity with every caller!